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Last few weeks at breakaway

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been a roller coaster ride since April, this year, when things started moving very fast on all fronts for breakaway. Suddenly the website identity was frozen and we had a tag line! Website design was an interesting phase. Loads of conversations, discussions, arguments and brain-storming led to what you now see at We received an over-whelming response for our website. Thank-fully, all good! Turmeric Designs, did the designing part of our website. We worked with Chiranjeev, a very warm person to develop our website. I think he has done a good job! From the day we went official about breakaway, we have sent numerous friends and family to various places. We were not able to help all who came to us, but we tried our level best! We are learning, all of us, growing each day. Every morning, is a new morning, nothing like all the days that have gone by. New challenges and more people who want to travel! Now, that’s got to be right, right?

Last few weeks were super-busy, planning, chalking out the itinerary for some friends who are coming down from France. They tour India, along-with us, their journey spanned north-south, hand-in-hand with breakaway. We are looking forward towards a wonderful November – December. Fun-filled, activity-filled and on toes, at all times! There probably will not be time to get back to all of you, but we shall try.

There is more that breakaway is doing…..before winter in Gurgaon freezes our minds, we will design a few more breakaways for all of you.

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