Responding to a growing desire among today’s travellers for journeys beyond the map, our India-based platform invites you to hop online, whenever you need a breakaway from regularity. Short and intense, our breakaways get you under the skin of experiences, all the way from cooking in Alleppey to the birding in the Himalayas. Because travel today is no longer about transporting people to someplace else, breakaway fills in these blanks with transcending experiences which you can leisurely unpack over a lifetime.

Aware that time is the new money, we offer immersive three-four day breakaways, which you simply sign up for, assured on every count. Because today more and more people (like you and us) are no longer content being observers, striking items off holiday checklists. We all want to be part of an experience that we can unpack over a lifetime. Which brings us to what we are not . We are not tour operators, who drive you by the sights . We’re a committed resource who offer you a deeper, more authentic and more profound experience of a place and people, rather than a “drive by” holiday. Within all of Mumbai’s pell-mell, we find a chink that offers us a quiet glimpse of the vanishing Parsi & Irani communities . Each quality experience is rigorously researched, screened and audited first-hand, so you can set out minus apprehensions.

Your breakaway comes with an added assurance. A travel companion who helps you look rather than see, listen rather than hear and quietly sculpts your trip with an unimaginable dimension. Our first offering, an apple trail in Himachal lets you track this red fruit’s history, all the way from heritage orchards to open kitchens, where you can slide out golden handmade apple pies from the oven.

Our bank of breakaways is built on the strength of partnerships and shared beliefs. So rather than re-create isolated and hidden experiences that exist, we’ve listened in at campfires and traced travel whispers to the last lake house, mountain bend and rain cloud. All so we could join hands with a quiet fellowship in the countryside and cities. From adventure to heritage, feel it all first hand.. As you pick the first flush in the tea-gardens of Nilgiris & Dibrugarh and watch the ephemeral weaves on the looms of Maheshwar come alive in your own hands.

Need a breakaway? Embark, from wherever you are.

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